Though Broadband is a boon for organizations but for today's IT managers, managing the broadband network is a daunting task. Particularly so when IT managers are faced with the problem of cost cutting, and delivering ever changing communication services and applications with greater bandwidth to large number of sites-and that too using lesser investment.
Synoptics helps customer to design & implement domestic & International network that reaches every corner of India & Abroad with very high uptime commitments in excess of 99.5 % We engage with customers during the entire cycle of connectivity project i.e starting from designing the network to implementation & management of the network to maintain the highest uptime.
Synoptics infrastructure solutions consolidate and optimize IT resources, improving clients' business productivity by providing high availability and high performance.

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Synoptics , an innovative ICT player, has tied-up with BSNL, Airtel, MTNL, TATA and Hathway to bring you the solution to today’s distributed enterprise’ network problem. This service consolidates all available broadband options in the country to make it work optimal for your organisation.

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