Synoptics is pioneering the effort in developing products that simplify IT infrastructure while delivering remote offices fast, reliable and secure access to networked applications. This results in improved user productivity and cost-effective IT management.

The core of Synoptic’s strength is its people and the values that unite and drive us towards a common goal. At our company, teamwork involves dynamism and the development of the collective intelligence. These values help build a company where initiative, the freedom to innovate and optimism go hand-in-hand with professionalism, quality and progress.

Synoptics offers a rewarding, dynamic working environment for focused professionals interested in being part of a team that is successful and delivers cutting-edge technology to our customers. We offer a competitive compensation package with excellent benefits as well as employee ownership through generous stock options.

Our employees were asked to finish this sentence: “You should consider working at Synoptics Solutions because

* We invest in and believe in our employees.
* It’s a close-knit, goal-oriented company. Unlike other companies, you feel directly connected to the company’s    success and strategic focus.
* It is a fun and exciting environment that allows for creativity.
* It is an amazing company with incredible benefits both in terms of personal and professional needs.
* Network Solutions is the whole package. It’s a welcoming place where talents are appreciated and nurtured.    There’s room to grow in your position and into other positions. Plus, the atmosphere is vibrant and fun.
* It is a wonderful place where people with talent and drive can not only thrive and self actualize but also make a    strong contribution to the dreams of small and medium sized business owners.
* This is a very challenging and exciting company to work for.
* It is a dynamic and changing environment. If you like to    continuously be challenged then you should work here.

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We welcome resumes in the domain of sales, business development, software engineering and network administration.