Managed Broadband

Managed Broadband

We offer fast and reliable broadband connectivity – the life line of your network infrastructure.

We provide complete broadband connectivity with full technical support which helps you better focus on your business needs. 

We are able to deliver these high-performance network through a good broadband internet connection from an ISP partner and provide it in your business premises in an efficient manner. We also help you in assessing your needed hardware based on your business capacity.

Optional security features like firewall could also be installed. The connectivity should be established in such a way that all the devices used by your staff are compatible and are able to get unhindered access to resources. The speed of the internet connection is tested at regular intervals to check if it meets the standards promised by the ISP. 

The status of the network devices is also tested frequently to keep them in good working order. The performance of various elements is monitored periodically and this analytical data is shared with the client. Based on this data inputs changes can be made to the broadband network to optimise utility.

We provide round the clock technical support through the employment of our NOC Control centre. Our managed broadband services are cost-effective and flexible all the while ensuring reliable connectivity.

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