Smart City Network: The Backbone

Smart City Network: The Backbone

Smart City Network: The Backbone

Every smart city solution is added as a layer upon a foundation provided by a highly sophisticated network architecture. Synoptics is well placed to build such systems that make smart cities truly scalable.

The smart city model is used by city administrations to enhance the quality of life of the inhabitants, improve the utilisation of city resources, and to reduce operational costs. This model includes various technologies such as Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Internet of Things (IoT), Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), Cloud Computing, Robotics, Data Analytics and Unmanned Vehicles (UVs). 

Efficient networking and communication protocols are needed to provide the necessary coordination and control of the various system components. Traffic flow of data is needed between components and WSNs are used to provide real-time monitoring of the statuses of smart city resources.

The use of IoT technology facilitates the integration of the physical objects in a city network. CPS are used to provide useful interactions between the computer world and the physical world. Robotics and UVs are used to provide automation of processes and transportation. 

Such services include enhancement delivery of services, environmental monitoring, traffic monitoring, security and safety controls, and telecommunication services. Cloud computing provides a cost-effective computation and data storage centre to support smart city applications. 

We use data analytics to provide intelligent short and long term decisions based on collected data to enhance smart city services. Smart transportation services are used to enhance route planning and congestion avoidance in streets, provide intelligent traffic light controls and parking services, and enhance vehicular safety.

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