Turnkey Solutions

Future Proof Smart & Safe Cities

At Synoptics we understand how important comfort and security are for the residents of a smart city. Our highly experienced team uses IoT, data analytics and information security to help realize this vision for residents of each smart city.

Solutions We Provide

Smart & Safe Cities

Safety and security are cornerstone requirements of a smart city project. We have expertise and illustrious experience in implementing safety systems and surveillance systems that are crucial for a safe smart city.

Smart City Network: The Backbone

Every smart city solution is added as a layer upon a foundation provided by a highly sophisticated network architecture. Synoptics is well placed to build such systems that make smart cities truly scalable.

Emergency, Common & Control Centers

We develop highly modular control centers and video surveillance solutions ideal for law enforcement agencies and administrative bodies.

Ways We Can Work With You

A. Consulting

By bringing our expertise and ideas to the table, we help our stakeholders define their needs at strategy planning level and application planning level. As always, we keep the big picture in mind and we provide expert advice to keep implementation costs low at all project stages.

B. Detailed RFQ Development

We work closely with all stakeholders and we flesh out clear and concise project scope and specifications at various development stages.

C. IoT Implementation

We can implement already scoped out project requirements and further optimize them at each application level.

D. Manage Existing Solutions

We can take over existing implementations and optimize them at a granular level. Our iterative approach helps us make existing systems perform more efficiently.

Synoptics - The Prudent Choice

Rich Domain Expertise & Capabilities

We have a 150+ and growing team that is fully capable of catering to your needs and empowering your business. Our rich domain expertise and extensive capabilities will help you get onboard swiftly and securely.

Flexible & Scalable Solutions

Our solutions are tailor made and fully scalable. By being able to efficiently manage your resource allocation you will be able to plan and position yourself better for growth.

24x7 Support

Through our NOC, we are always available. Always.

We see the big picture

We are always mindful of the reason why you choose to partner with us. With our efficient processes in place we enable you to focus on improving your services and solutions for your customers.

Other Solutions

Our Projects

Some of our proudest works for you to see.

Our Turnkey Solutions Cater to a Wide Range of Possibilities

Every city, size irregardless will have its own needs and challenges that can be addressed with IoT. We work closely with various stakeholders including the city administration to design and implement robust solutions for specific needs of each city.

Find out how you can use the power of IoT to transform your city.

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