What is a Managed Broadband Service provider and why do you need one?

An Internet Service Provider or ISP is the middleman between your system and the internet. Their job is to provide you with the service of connecting your business network to the internet. Almost always, an ISP is a passive agent who is occasionally in touch with you other than when they send you a monthly invoice. Also, an ISP provides a standardized one glove-fits-all package that may not be the ideal solution to your company’s growing internet demands.

Now, if you happen to be a small or medium business but with offices in a couple of different cities, chances are you may not be able to find the same ISP in every location. It will force you to look for different ISPs in each region. And each of them will have a set of terms and conditions, a unique style of billing invoices, and inconsistent rates. When you need to consolidate your invoices you will have a tough time sorting through them all out.

Here is where a Managed Broadband Service Provider or MBSP can make all the difference to your business. Unlike an ISP, an MBSP does not rely on one provider, and you may be able to make some choices. An MBSP offers more flexibility in finding the right ISP for your business requirements. More importantly, an MBSP monitors your internet round the clock and lets you know when there is a problem. Whether it is a connectivity issue or a speed issue, or anything else, they have a team that troubleshoots and fixes your issue quickly.

Here is why you should consider switching to a MBSP:

  • A MBSP would find the best possible solution for each of your business locations under given conditions. 
  • A MBSP would make sure timely payment of bills and service charges.
  • A MBSP will offer scalability and flexibility as your business grows.
  • A MBSP will provide you one consolidated bill of all the ISPs you may have tie-ups with across geographies.
  • A MBSP will intervene and address any excess charges in your invoices.
  • A MBSP will make sure your internet functions smoothly and issues are solved promptly.
  • A MBSP will keep you updated about your internet connection and the progress of any problem resolution.
  • A MBSP has a team of technicians and experts that are available 24*7*365. They monitor your internet connectivity and help answer queries.
  • A MBSP saves your business many employee-hours that might otherwise go into raising tickets and following them up till resolution.
  • A MBSP ensures that your business is empowered to perform at its best by enabling a strong internet connection and supportive bandwidth.
  • A MBSP takes care of all your internet requirements, thereby allowing your employees to work in a stress-and-worry-free environment.
  • A MBSP can help your business sort its internet needs and install or manage any network requirements.

As you can now see, an MBSP scores better than a run-of-the-mill ISP on many counts. On matters such as backup options and quick resolution of issues, trust an MBSP to have your back.

Synoptics Technologies Limited is a trusted MBSP with over a decade of experience in providing reliable support for our growing client base across the nation. 

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