Life at Synoptics

We provide a nurturing environment for our employees to thrive.

Life at Synoptics

Our employees are the life force of our organisation and we strive to provide them with a great work-life balance.

We couldn’t be who we are without the contribution of each and every individual in our team. Through our transparent and open door management policy we encourage free exchange of ideas among us. 

Our goal is to provide our employees with an environment that encourages them to push their boundaries and grow as individuals.

The nation’s timely pandemic response brought with it many operational challenges. 

Our lovely people took on the challenge head-on and we were quick to adapt to the situation.

We continued our world-class support to our clients through the mandatory ‘work from home’ period without skipping a beat. 

We strive together. We thrive together.

An opportunity to celebrate is an opportunity to celebrate together.

We celebrate festivals as one big family and we wish to keep it that way as we continue growing.

Our amazing people share their joy and happiness during festive times. We keep true to our core value of nurturing long-term relationships with our colleagues too by doing so.

Regular team outings and group activities foster kinship among our team members.

We give due recognition.

Our leaders strongly believe in the virtue of giving credit where credit is due. 

Our recognitions don’t stop at a trophy and a round of applause. For our 12th Anniversary celebration, we surprised our best performers with ‘moving’ gifts. 

This was our way of thanking them and encouraging them to keep dreaming higher.

Majority of our employees in our 12 year old organisation have been with us for over a decade. 

They’ve been with us through our days of struggle and they marched alongside us as we grew to become one of India’s top Networks and IT infrastructure solution provider. 

That’s the secret to our success.

Happy employees. Happy clients.

A walk down memory lane.



Team Synoptics