Active & Passive Networking

Active & Passive Networking

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Local Area Network (LAN)

A Local Area Network (LAN) is a group of computers or other devices interconnected within a single, limited area, typically via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. LAN links computers together and provides shared access to printers, files, and other services. It consists of access points, cables, routers, and switches that enable devices to connect to web servers and internal servers within the office, a single building, campus or home network, and to other LANs via Wide Area Networks (WAN).

Wide Area network (WAN)

A wide area network (WAN) is a data network used for connecting computers over a wide geographical area. WANs are often used by larger corporations or organizations to enable the transfer of data. However, now even small businesses can benefit from WANs as a way of increasing their communications capabilities.

A WAN requires continuous maintenance. We take this responsibility off of your hands and provide you with a world class support system. The Software Definition portion of the WAN provides the intelligence, capable of instantly understanding the type of data being transmitted and what routing and security are needed to make it happen smoothly and efficiently. 

This improves the WAN functionality at a lower cost for your organisation while being able to handle all kinds of voice and data transmission. SD-WAN is enabling our clients to move any kind of software application across multiple locations with better performance. 

As a managed SD-WAN service provider we offer installation services, maintenance and upgrades, monitoring and connectivity services.

Software Defined WAN (SD WAN)

A Software Defined WAN (SD WAN) enables you to make enterprise level modifications to your entire network in one motion. Our managed SD WAN services takes it to the next level by providing 24 x 7 support by our highly trained professionals through our NOCs.

SD WAN stands for Software-defined Wide Area Network. If your business runs from multiple locations, has a distributed workforce and uses multiple applications, then your business can benefit from using an SD WAN. We, at Synoptics are well positioned to not just setup, but also provide continuous support for your SD WAN requirements.

Campus wifi

Wi-fi is enabled in the entire campus of a University with high speed internet connection to allow the students to access the internet no-matter wherever they are. The coverage is not just limited to the classrooms, instead it extends to all the facilities within the campus premises.

Outdoor Broadband Wireless

Outdoor Broadband Wireless Solution gives you the complete indoor & outdoor broadband solution. It not only creates a WiFi network outdoors but due to it’s high gain WiFi antennas, can cover up to 99% of your home or businesses too.

IP based Video and Voice

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol allows businesses to communicate a lot more efficiently than over phone lines.

Most contemporary businesses are IT driven and they have networks in place that are readily available to be leveraged for their voice calling requirements. What this means is that their existing networks will be used to make calls through VoIP instead of traditionally used public switched networks.

The cost advantage of moving to VoIP is immediately apparent due to the fact that a network . But there are more advantages that may not be so apparent. For example, a VoIP based system provides flexibility and scalability. Even telecommuting becomes a possibility because now their employees can stay connected to their secure line with just an internet connection.

Extra features that cost extra in traditional phone lines are available for free. VoIP systems are intrinsically scalable and flexible.

Synoptics has provided voice network solutions for clients across the country. Through our advanced NOCs, we also provide round the clock support to our voice networks which are a part of the network systems that we manage.

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