Managed IT Services

Services We Provide

  • Managed Connectivity & Broadband Services
  • Remote Infrastructure Management
  • Installation & Commissioning Services
  • Operations & Maintenance Services
  • IT Facility Management Services (T&M based and SLA based)

Synoptics - The Prudent Choice

Rich Domain Expertise & Capabilities

We have a 150+ and growing team that is fully capable of catering to your needs and empowering your business. Our rich domain expertise and extensive capabilities will help you get onboard swiftly and securely.

Flexible & Scalable Solutions

Our solutions are tailor made and fully scalable. By being able to efficiently manage your resource allocation you will be able to plan and position yourself better for growth.

24x7 Support

Through our NOC, we are always available. Always.

We see the big picture

We are always mindful of the reason why you choose to partner with us. With our efficient processes in place we enable you to focus on improving your services and solutions for your customers.

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