Comprehensive AMC undertaking for India’s leading OMC

Synoptics Technologies Limited has forayed into the oil and natural gas sector by partnering with one of India’s foremost Oil Marketing Companies (OMC) as a comprehensive AMC provider. 

A forecourt controller (FCC) connects and controls all components of a fuel site such as POS systems, fuel dispensers, automated tank gauging systems (ATG) etc. Automated tank gauging probes, part of an ATG system, are used to continuously monitor critical tank data such as volume, water content, density and temperature that the FCC uses to make pre programmed decisions. 

Authorized users can choose to have a bird’s eye view of the entire fuel site or detailed information on specific equipment through basic interface peripherals. Malpractices or mishaps at any point of the complex system can be programmed to trigger specific protocols to monitor and safeguard inventory and equipment at the site. Advanced logging systems allow for quick and efficient debugging of communication of functionality problems during the course of use.

A Game Changing Partnership

Through this partnership, Synoptics will be extending round the clock proactive support for over 30% of the fuel sites managed by the OMC which are spread over 12,000 locations pan India for a period of 7 years. 

Synoptics Technologies Limited has been supporting and maintaining over 40,000 devices at any given time. Upon entering into this contract, Synoptics’ commitment expands to over 300,000 devices across India. Over 450+ PESO certified engineers have been hired and trained to extend on field support pan India. Further to this, another 40+ resources are made available on a 24×7 basis through an Intelligent Automation Help desk. 

Dedicated Repair & Distribution Facility at Goregaon, Mumbai

Synoptics has set up a Repair & Distribution (R&D) facility at Goregaon, Mumbai that is equipped with the latest tools and competent technicians to extend dedicated world class repair services round the clock. 

Synoptics is also adding 50+ spares depots to empower the fulfillment of signed deliverables. More such R&D facilities are being planned which will further strengthen Synoptics’ support capabilities.

Synoptics is managing an average of 10,000 support tickets in any given month. The raising of one such support ticket at any of the 12,000 fuel sites will initiate support protocols that will involve highly trained staff and an extensive and capable support network for quick and efficient support. Repair requirements that cannot be undertaken at site are efficiently transferred to the dedicated R&D facility at Goregaon. 

This partnership is a testament to the trust Synoptics has built over the years through its commitment and consistent support. It demonstrates Synoptics’ capability in entering versatile sectors and bringing in added harmony and efficacy from its innate core strength.