Cyber Security

Keeping you prepared and ready.

Data privacy and protection are key concerns for any modern organization that is IT driven.

We help our clients strengthen their Cybersecurity 24 x 7 through our exceptionally skilled professionals and state of the art network operations center (NOC).

Our Approach

We take a holistic approach to cybersecurity.

We define your security roadmap that is unique to your needs. We protect your critical data and network systems by rapidly identifying and removing vulnerabilities. We proactively monitor your systems so we can respond to cyber-attacks in real time.

With our cybersecurity professionals always watching through our NOCs, we provide our clients with a complete solution right from prevention and protection against malicious attacks to instant incident response.

You might be vulnerable. Check your exposure.

Cyber Security Services Offered By Synoptics

Compliance Management

Being prepared for threats and responding to attacks is entirely different things. We see the big picture and we understand the cost implications that come with it. Engage with us for enhanced cost reduction on incident response and compliance management.

Web Application Firewall

Cyber attacks have evolved from being local network based to global code based attacks through web applications that many organisations depend upon. Through Web Application Firewalls we add advanced protection capabilities to your current network firewall that may not be able to handle code based attacks that can exploit application vulnerabilities.

Dark Web Monitoring

Stolen credentials reach the dark web after they are circulated within malicious private networks. We offer proactive support by monitoring such communities in the dark web and alerting our clients even before the data is compromised.

DNS Security

A hijacked DNS can reroute your traffic to spoof websites that are designed to collect your critical user data. Through the use of sophisticated DNS firewalls we provide a shield to your DNS server that stores the lookup information. The fact that such a DNS firewall provides performance enhancements also to your web applications is an added bonus.

Data Leak Prevention

The challenge of monitoring data leak in organisations is an increasingly gargantuan task due to the large amount of data that is employed. These data leaks can either be unintentional (ie. accidental) or intentional (ie. malicious) in nature. We offer centrally managed Data Leak Prevention services to protect your organisation from all kinds of data leaks.

IT Assessment

We help you gather a clear picture of your IT Systems Security status. We identify vulnerabilities by performing risk analysis and provide you with a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy.

Synoptics - The Prudent Choice

Rich Domain Expertise & Capabilities

We have a 150+ and growing team that is fully capable of catering to your needs and empowering your business. Our rich domain expertise and extensive capabilities will help you get onboard swiftly and securely.

24x7 Support

Through our NOC, we are always available. Always.

We see the big picture

We are always mindful of the reason why you choose to partner with us. With our efficient processes in place we enable you to focus on improving your services and solutions for your customers.

Flexible & Scalable Solutions

Our solutions are tailor made and fully scalable. By being able to efficiently manage your resource allocation you will be able to plan and position yourself better for growth.

Our Portfolio

Some of our proudest works for you to see.

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Secure Your Organisation’s Future

In a rapidly developing threat environment as now, it is important that you stay prepared for cybersecurity challenges that may throw you off balance.

Our cybersecurity professionals can help you understand the road ahead and help you make an informed cybersecurity decision.

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