Support Services, Supply Chain Management and Compliance Management. No matter what your core business activities are, our IT FMS systems are capable of providing you best in class support and service.

Facility Management Services (FMS) help your organisation focus on its core business by taking care of other activities that make it possible. Even in an IT environment, facility services include building maintenance, housekeeping, electrical maintenance, plumbing, horticulture, pantry, food, pest management, waste management, information technology, security etc.

Our IT facility management services take a load off your non-core activities, allowing you to focus on your work. Every business organisation will have IT tasks that need to be managed on a regular basis.

These tasks may require hardware and other resources that are currently unavailable in the organisation. 

Synoptics, as your trusted managed services provider (MSP) will serve as a complete IT team or support your IT team by sharing the responsibility to execute some of the tasks. We provide both generalised and specific services. 

We offer different levels of service or even customised packages. Problems in critical IT functions can give rise to unforeseen challenges for your business. We provide IT infrastructure monitoring, software configuration and updates, resource usage optimisation, user support and overall improvement of your IT infrastructure and its elements. 

We structure our IT services to give you as much support as you need by seamlessly integrating with your IT team a needed.

Full service Facilities Management Services for your IT needs.

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