Emergency, Command & Control Centres

Emergency, Common and Control Centers

Emergency, Command & Control Centers

We develop highly modular control centers and video surveillance solutions ideal for law enforcement agencies and administrative bodies.

Emergency, Command & Control Center serves as the coordination hub for incident response. This facility provides a central intelligence arena for decision makers and response team personnel to gather critical information and coordinate response activities. 

A safe location equipped with effective technology allows for communication with staff and response teams. It should be capable of serving as the central coordination point for information gathering and emergency operations. 

Organizations rely on this center for all IT or network resources in order to keep an eye on the entire scope of their IT infrastructure. This center houses staff to monitor relevant surveillance video and audio feeds and other information resources in real time. 

It can serve as the place for security and surveillance monitoring for a company operating from a large campus. It helps to maintain safe operating conditions. 

The role of this center is determined by the resources to be coordinated. Based on the information to be processed, the center needs to be furnished with workstations, communications equipment and display devices. The different processes happening in your center determines the software you need. 

Developing and implementing a program for maintenance, support, and repair helps ensure the center maintains the required uptime and optimal performance.

We have the necessary expertise to carry out this maintenance.

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