Smart & Safe Cities

Smart & Safe Cities

Smart & Safe Cities

Safety and security are cornerstone requirements of a smart city project. We have expertise and illustrious experience in implementing safety systems and surveillance systems that are crucial for a safe smart city.

A smart city is an urban area that uses information and communication technologies (ICT) to increase operational efficiency and the quality of life of its citizens.  It has many added security and safety features.  

The city administration is able to use the public conveyances like roads more efficiently to avoid congestion.  The city layout is planned in such a manner that there is no congestion, pollution or depletion of resources. 

A good public transport system is developed to reduce private vehicles on the road thereby reducing air pollution.  City governance is made citizen-friendly and it enables people to live and work in the city and utilise its resources to the full extent possible.  

Administrative services are offered within short distances and online services are encouraged in order to minimise people visiting government offices.  Security is of topmost priority and surveillance is done through sophisticated CCTV camera networks.  Traffic and the public are generally monitored to keep an eye on congestion and crime.  It helps the city authorities to be prepared in case of emergencies.  

Energy conservation becomes a major focus of a smart city.  Smart grid technology is used to supply the electricity in the city.  It increases efficiency by reducing losses.  Sensors are used extensively to monitor buildings, electrical and water lines, etc.  They collect data in real-time and enable analysis and then action.  

All these technologies and the expertise enable the city administration to create and run a smart city in a sustainable fashion.    

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