Synoptics – The Road Ahead

The pandemic has showcased the value of digital operating models and it is likely to force many companies and government institutions to speed up their digital innovation and transformation across their functions. 

We are confident that this will lead them to accelerate their investments in data-driven decision-making systems. With this in mind, we are foraying into software and cloud service solutions for our client base.

From enterprise customers to  small businesses, the investment trends into digital use cases show that the payment models that are being opted are outcome based, OPEXbased or ‘pay as you go’ based. Also, access to Cloud infrastructure, Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G etc are key factors for digital transformation.

And the lifeline of this new modality is data. It is the new oil for this digital economy and organizations have to treat this data as a strategic Asset in order to foster innovation. 

Managing and protecting the data being generated by organizations and Governments will be one of our key strategic priorities.

The current government’s “Make in India”, “Self Reliant India” initiatives ensure the right policy framework and business environment to enable Indian startups to innovate and churn out globally competitive and scalable products. 

We see a huge potential for Indian start-ups to build world class products and stay competitive in this dynamic market.

With our over a decade experience in providing reduced TCO and increased RoI to our customers with our Managed ICT services, Synoptics is committing substantial investments into software product development and cloud services for Indian customers and international clients. 

We are confident that this will help our clients enable their Digital Transformation journey with complete visibility, automation and control over their IT operations at reduced costs and increased efficiencies.