Web Application Firewall

Web Application Firewall

Cyber attacks have evolved from being local network based to global code based attacks through web applications that many organisations depend upon. Through Web Application Firewalls we add advanced protection capabilities to your current network firewall that may not be able to handle code based attacks that can exploit application vulnerabilities.

Web applications are hosted on a server from which they are accessed through the internet. Most SaaS are served as web application in this manner. And a web application firewall (WAF) provides front line protection for such web applications.

In order for a web application to be continuously protected by a WAF, the vulnerabilities of the said application must be studied. The WAF is configured to do protect the app by putting in place rules known as policies. And these policies need to be put in place in real time as the threats also vary in real time. How fast a WAF can respond to a threat depends on how fast the policies can be implemented.

At Synoptics we offer a cloud based WAF solution with minimal upfront costs for our clients. We also update our protection capabilities based on new and emerging threats during the whole period of our engagement.

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