IoT based systems can be used for continuous monitoring of water usage for industrial needs or as part of institutional water supply for domestic purposes. The data collected is used for quick and efficient billing, usage analysis, load balancing, maintenance etc.

Through the use of appropriate sensors, the same technology can be adapted for gas and moisture telemetry use cases too.


Tank Monitoring

Ultrasonic sensors are used to develop complete monitoring and measuring solutions for large capacity storage tanks. The sensors with very high accuracy are combined with systematic alerts and notifications about various aspects of the storage system and associated processes. The data that is collected can be sent through IoT based control units for remote review and process automation decisions.

Insurance Telematics

Insurance companies collect data about your driving habits and other information shared by the vehicle being insured. This data, called telematic data is used by these insurance companies to provide personalised policies, rewards etc. It incentivises users to adhere to safe driving and maintenance practices, there by making the insurers happy by way of reducing claims probability and also the users happy by way of optmising their insurance costs.

Process Automation

More and more manufacturing processes have been automated over the years due to the increased efficiency and ROIs achieved. With the power of IoT, the data collected is used to create mathematic models that can help identify patterns to the processes that are being automated. Through monitoring and predictive analysis, this data is converted into inferences and action plans. By adding machine learning AI to the mix, the system becomes capable of continuously learning and improving its processes, thereby increasing overall system efficiency in an exponential manner.

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A Game Changing Partnership

Synoptics Technologies Limited has forayed into the oil and natural gas sector by partnering with one of India’s foremost Oil Marketing Companies (OMC) as a comprehensive AMC provider. 

A forecourt controller (FCC) connects and controls all components of a fuel site such as POS systems, fuel dispensers, automated tank gauging systems (ATG) etc.

Automated tank gauging probes, part of an ATG system, are used to continuously monitor critical tank data such as volume, water content, density and temperature that the FCC uses to make pre programmed decisions.  To know more, click here.

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